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Whose burden is it anyway? : Reducing the amount of security paid into court to secure a lien claimant’s claim

In a recent decision, Centura Building Systems (2013) Ltd. v. 601 Main Partnership, 2018 BCCA 172, the British Columbia Court of Appeal confirmed that a court’s inquiry under s. 24 of the Builders Lien Act (the “Act”), …

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The Perils of Pre-Sale Condo Contracts

Pre-sale condo contracts are commonplace in the hot real estate market of Metro Vancouver. In the majority of cases, the condo development is completed without issue and the purchasers often reap the rewards of rising values. However, a recent application …

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Does Arbitration Deliver?

Construction disputes are frequently complex and technical in nature. Resolving such disputes in the justice system can leave all sides frustrated with the time and expense that compliance with the procedure demanded in court involves. Arbitration is often heralded as …

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